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Natural Gas Motor Oil

  • 1 Liter - Meets: ACEA A3/B4, API SL/CF
    Starting at 10W-40 Motor Oil - RAVENOL TEG
    RAVENOL TEG 10W-40 is a high performance semi-synthetic multi-grade engine oil that is based on hydrocrack base oils and PAO; suitable for the lubrication of natural gas engines. It provides excellent lubricating film...
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  • 1 Liter - Approvals: MAN 3271-1 (Vehicle Engine), Renault RGD, TEDOM Group 1P, Mercedes-Benz MB 226.9 - Meets: ACEA A3/B4/E2, API CF-4/SJ, Volvo CNG
    Starting at 15W-40 Motor Oil - RAVENOL MGS
    RAVENOL MGS SAE 15W-40 is high performance multi-grade engine oil suitable for the lubrication of natural gas engines. It has excellent lubricating film adhesion, very good shear stability, an excellent cleaning power,...
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  • 1 Liter
    Starting at $0.00 Choose Options SAE 30 Break-In Oil - RAVENOL
    RAVENOL Break-In Oil SAE 30 is the latest break in lubrication technology from Germany. Extensively engineered to offer extremely efficient wear control for critical engine parts during the breaking in of new, repaired,...
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  • 20 Liter
    Starting at SAE 40 Motor Oil - RAVENOL Gas Engine Oil
    RAVENOL Gas Engine Oil SAE 40 is gas engine oil suitable for the lubrication of four stroke gas engines, when gases are used with lower sulphur contents. Technical Characteristics and Features: Reduction of deposits...
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